The Colour Temperature identifies the colour of the light produced by the fixture, with some being more appropriate than others depending on the application. the most popular options available are:


-Warm White (approx 3,000k) - (Sunset effect) Seen to promote relaxation, and is best suited for Lounge Rooms, Family Rooms, Bedrooms - Anywhere that requires natural, gentle warm light. This is usually the preferred choice for domestic applications, in fact, I would say 95% of the homes we have been involved with have had 3,000k LED fixtures. It is also recommended to have warmer light externally to minimize insect attraction, Keeping in mind that quality LED’s produce little to no UV light, greatly reducing this

-Cool White (5,000k) - (Midday effect) Used to enhance concentration, and is best suited for Offices and retail display areas - Anywhere that requires a Bright and crisp white light. Often a higher rated Lumen output compared to Warm White options. We generally specify 5,000k fixtures in commercial/Industrial projects.

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