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LED Lights: Changing the way we approach lighting design

While choosing the style of lighting to suit your home is a purely subjective matter, it is often difficult to determine what you actually need to deliver the best illumination to suit your needs.

As is the case with most things, traditional methods of lighting have quickly been superseded with safer, more reliable and more efficient technologies. Now, considered the leader in modern lighting technology, LED fixtures have quickly becoming the preferred choice of lighting for both commercial and domestic applications. Of course, with this new technology,  the challenge of making it more affordable without compromising quality and reliability in any way is something we strive for.

So here's a quick guide to help erm…shed some new light… on the process of effectively introducing LED's into your home, and also tips to minimize the impact on your wallet!

How many LED Fixtures do I actually need?
One of the most effective ways to save money when buying LED's is to minimize the number of fixtures per room. Why pay an electrician for all that extra time and materials required to install multiple fixtures when you can often get away with a single LED fixture in the center of a room instead! Our high quality LED Downlights provide incredible levels of illumination and are designed so that you can effectively reduces the number of fixtures traditionally required.


The above images show the difference between traditional Downlight design, and the LED Lighting approach with the luminous intensity of a single SRA Downlight (15w, Warm White LED Fixture) located in the center of a Dining Room sized 4.5m x 3.1m.

Still not sure how many lights needed for your rooms? Send us an email with the details and we'll provide you with our recommendations as a guide to what is actually needed. Planning your new home? even better, just send through your house plans and we will be more than happy to guide you through the process and can even provide an LED Lighting Plan which you can pass on to your Builder. Easy!  

What Beam Angle is best?
To aid in minimizing the costs of equipping your home with LED's, it is best to consider fixtures which have a wide spread of useable light. The wider the spread, the more amount of light will reach all areas of your room, and the less number of Lights required.

Warm and Cozy, or Cool and Crisp? What Colour Temperature light do I need?
The Colour Temperature identifies the colour of the light produced by the fixture, with some being more appropriate than others depending on the application. the most popular options available are:
-Warm White (around 3,000k) - (Sunset effect) Seen to promote relaxation, and is best suited for Lounge Rooms, Family Rooms, Bedrooms - Anywhere that requires natural, gentle warm light. This is usually the preferred choice for homes.
-Cool White (5,000k) - (Mid-day effect) Used to enhance concentration, and is best suited for Offices and retail display areas - Anywhere that requires a Bright and crisp white light. Often a higher rated Lumen output compared to Warm White options.

Dimmable Vs. Non-Dimmable?

Smooth, stable, flicker free dimming capabilities can create the perfect ambiance in a room. Its important to know if and to what light levels a fixture can be dimmed as it can vary greatly . As dimmers can be easily installed any time at a later stage, you never know when you might want that option. Not all areas need to be dimmed however, the most common rooms being Master Bedrooms, Theatre/Activity Rooms and Lounge Areas, so only get them installed if you think they will be useful in those areas.