The Collaborative Process



We listen closely to our clients, encouraging a very collaborative approach to ensure we can provide the most cost effective solution best suited to the clients needs, providing a hassle-free solution to energy efficient lighting and control systems. We like to work closely with Artists, Builders, Trades, Architects and End Users, providing comprehensive and structured project management.





Our Services


  • Return On Investment (R.O.I) assessments for commercial and Industrial applications to assist with lighting upgrades.
  • DIALux Photometric Evaluations for accurate Lux provision and uniformity, where Lux Level requirements are in place.
  • Lighting Design, Photometric Representations, DIALux reports and evalutations, Schematics, Lighting Schedules Specifications and Installation guidelines.
  • Ongoing support throughout each project including client liaison and collaboration with all involved parties.
  • Provision of high quality Lighting products including Fixtures, Ancillary componentry and Control Systems.
  • A Professional and reliable approach to lighting design.

Our tailored designs can help provide you with a much clearer indication of the final results, taking the guesswork out of lighting design