Uninterrupted and completely even illumination with just one connection up to 100 feet in length. The Light Tape® Snap-N-Light™ linear accent lighting system is available in a number of colors and widths. Utilizing the best barrier technology from Honeywell® International and Bayer® for our barrier films and mounting channels. Accent lighting without light pollution, make your building the focal point against the night sky.

One connection per 100 feet

Extremely easy to install. Arrives in rolls, terminated to your desired illuminated length. Peel and stick on smooth surfaces, install 100 feet in minutes. Additionally, utilize our mounting clips and snap the extrusion with Light Tape® into place.

Multiple segments and just one power supply   

No need for multiple power drops and power supply locations. It is possible to operate dozens of locations from one power supply and electrical drop. Strategically placed power supplies significantly reduce installation time.


Expansion and contraction, no problem   

Starting with a high grade outdoor polycarbonate polymer from Bayer®, we manufacture a proprietary mounting channel. The closed system allows Light Tape® to ‘move’ with the weather, preventing de-lamination while further shielding from the environment.


Crisp and clean illumination   

Like a neon laser, Light Tape® is perfect to accentuate your building. The entire surface illuminates versus a single point light source like LED’s which can be harsh to the eye. Solid state technology like no other light.


Great for commercial property branding

The Snap-N-Light™ system can take your building to another street elevation. Long straight runs on your buildings edge are perfect for Light Tape®. Brick, or smooth surfaces like glass are no problem. We offer a flexible mounting system that can be adapted to any surface. Seen for years, installed in hours.


Venue highlighting

Plug-n-play exterior lighting delivered to your door. An excellent solution for the venue owner with a few primary locations. Simple mounting, maybe a ladder and a handful of connections. Snap-N-Light™ can make anyone look light a lighting expert.