The ability to illuminate the side of a vehicle or covert a standard billboard to a back-lit one in a matter of hours has never been available. Any surface can become the base for a back-lit advertisement. Simply adhere the Light Tape® to base and cover with your graphic. Quick and easy.



Back-lit billboards, transit media and bus shelter illumination are just a few of the novel reinventions of Light Tape®.

A simple three step patented process. Convert any existing billboard to a backlit. Light Tape® can be tailored to fit any dimension.

From king-size bus ads to full vehicle wraps, Light Tape's transit systems will give your message the extra impact it deserves.

Light Tape® has the ability to transform the medium of transit advertising. Bring your advert to life using Light Tape® backlighting solution.

A Renaissance to Outdoor Advertising

Light Tape®, An innovative backlighting technology for billboards, bus shelters, traditional bus ads, and full vehicle wraps. It is easy to convert just about any surface into a backlit advertisement with Light Tape®. Increase impressions on your campaign’s message with crisp, clear and ultra low profile illumination with zero light pollution. Don’t light up the world, just your message.

Increase Weekly Impressions

Your creative only gets better when the sun goes down. Guarantee your campaign’s effectiveness by increasing visibility to a full 24 hours. Focus your customer attention to exactly where you want it.

Transform Any Space Into A Backlight 

Bring a second dimension to your creative with elegant, yet shockingly simple to use technology. Peel and stick the Light Tape® to the base, cover with a translucent vinyl and turn it on! 



Windy Billboards To Bouncy Busses

Light Tape’s solid state technology is up for the task. A proven system in the harshest environments. Each component was specially engineered for our OOH customers. All tested and UL approved. 

Reusable, Multiple Campaigns 

Light Tape® is totally recyclable, just replace the top layer artwork. Change the copy as normal once the Light Tape® is installed, or move it to another location surface for a different campaign.  



Day/Night Backlighting

Day/Night backlighting allows one images to appear by day, then transform to a second image that night. Utilizing novel printing techniques, the ability to create definition using layers of shading is infinite. In Jeep’s Call of Duty™ campaign, the background changes from what appears to be a pleasant drive through desert terrain during the day, to a perilous war scene at night. For this campaign, Extreme Green™ Light Tape® was used to enhance the desired night vision effect, adding another dimension to the creative.





Selective Backlighting

Target’s Halloween Campaign is a perfect example of selective backlighting. A base vinyl is indicating which areas are to be illuminated is installed first, then Light Tape® panels are to be placed in those areas. The final creative is mounted as normal but the reverse side printed in opaque ink to create delineation.