Light Tape®, methodically developed and engineered to be the perfect backlighting solution. Ideal to evenly illuminate a number of surfaces from stone to glass and engineered plastics. Delivering a WOW with a form factor to delight any designer or architect. Thin and light enough to stick just about anywhere. Delivered in wide rolls for a quick and easy installation, a lighting medium like no other.


Even Illumination Without Diffusion

Place your surface directly on top of the Light Tape®. Never a hot or cold spot no matter the size of your surface. Tile the panels together to cover any surface without a seam or break in light. 

No More Bulky Light Boxes To Build  

Flatter than a credit card and as light as a poster. No need to design and fabricate a complicated light box to diffuse light. Stop spending so much time and money on something you really don’t need. 



Super Fast And Easy To Install  

Cover a 50 foot bar in a matter of hours. If your surface is flat, you’re good to go. Roll out the Light Tape® on a counter top, or stick it to the wall and apply your translucent material. It’s that easy! 


No Heat With The Ability T0 Dim  

Never gets hot like LED’s, no more warm surfaces. Cool to the touch no matter how long you leave Light Tape® running. Can be integrated with standard dimmers so you can dial in the optimum light level.  



Natural And Engineered Surfaces

Light Tape® is a simple ultra-low profile three part plug-n-play lighting system. We have an inventory of standard widths that can be ordered to an exact finished length, or by the foot. In addition, custom sizes are also possible to fit almost any surface width and length. Our Light Tape® systems are designed to be enjoyed in interior and exterior backlighting applications. We also offer a range of Smart Driver™ power supplies equipped to accept both AC or DC input voltages and are worldwide capable. All our products are UL tested and certified with other accreditation upon request.




Honey Onyx Backlighting

Standard counter widths or custom projects like the Belle and James are a snap. We begin with a simple top or front view of the desired backlit surfaces. Our engineering team will recommend a Light Tape® panels layout, as well as proposed electrical drops and power supply location. From there, just prepare the surfaces and wait for the Light Tape® to arrive. If you want to see more how we did the project, check out our case study.